Cafés à Aix

      [one_half]For this blog post, Sophie wanted me to really connect to the audience and her clients, by focusing on the networks I have created here while in Aix, and how those networks can extend to the rest of the community. In greater specifics, she wanted me to highlight my favorite coffee shops, as coffee […]


[one_half]“to succeed in life, you need two things. Ignorance and confidence” – Mark Twain I came across this quote a few weeks ago, and was struck by how applicable it is to my current life here in Aix. Success is a pretty general term, and holds a host of meanings depending on one’s personal perspective. […]


[one_half]Happiness. It’s something everyone wants, many people think they have, but few people actually take the time to realize. It’s free for you to take for as long as you please, and your magnitude of happiness doesn’t deplete when you share it with others. But how does one just grab happiness…while a one-word answer would […]

Communauté et Relations
in Life

[one_half]While considering what topic to choose for this post, I was lingering on the idea of independence from my previous post. As I’ve embraced independence, I have also come to embrace the freedom it entails in constructing your own relationships and communities. Often thought of as opposing matters, I believe that independence and communities are […]


  [one_half]I have decided it would be beneficial to ground each post in a certain topic, rather than mindlessly talking without a purpose or direction. When thinking about what to begin with, the idea of independence quickly came to mind. It is a notion that is constantly on my mind, especially since being abroad. From […]